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Monitoring Connections

If you have MailEnable® or SmarterMail installed, the extension will monitor the smtp, pop, imap services, blocking wrong attempts.
BotSpiderCloudflareWindows Defender

BOT Detection

Brute-force attempts or cyclical attempts by BOTs are directly blocked. Now, support for Microsoft Windows Defender in MailEnable®
DatabasesRemote DesktopSystem Accounts

Essential Services

We take care of monitoring your essential services, such as MySql, MariaDB, SQLServer, Remote Desktop, and System Accounts.
Block MailCloudflare

Country Blocking

You can set a list of countries to be blocked directly from the first wrong attempt.

Advanced Website (API)

With just a few lines of code, you can include the extension inside your domain. Valid for PHP, ASP, .Net
Info IPCountry IP

Additional Info

You will obtain detailed information on each IP address such as Country, Provider, ASN Code or Reputation.

The best way to be protected

If you have Windows Server and all your connections are exposed, we are the best option to protect your system and minimize the load on your system against attacks or constant illegitimate access that consumes resources.

Buy the License

You can use the extension for free with limited settings, or you can contract the License and get full access. You can unsubscribe whenever you want, since there is no subscription period.

Free License

To enjoy the free service, you just have to install the extension.
Buy License

Premium License

Full access without limitations. Without any period of permanence.