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Plesk Panel

Plesk is software that we can install on a computer or server. It is used to manage a web hosting through a graphical interface, with different icons and functions that we can use for administration. This allows changes, configurations and queries to be made in a simple way, without the need for extensive knowledge of technical aspects.

It is necessary that the installed version is greater than 17

You just have to access the http://<tu-dominio>:8880/


Plesk extensions are stand-alone modules that extend the functionality of Plesk.

In the left side menu within Plesk you will find access to the extensions catalog.
Catalogo Extensiones
Plesk Firewall Manager

Find Firewall Manager

You can find the Plesk Firewall Manager extension in the Security, Monitoring or Tools category.

You can also write the name directly in the search form.

Install Extension

Installation is as easy as pressing the blue button.


Neither we, the system, nor Plesk will ask you to make any kind of payment or enter any personal or financial information.

Installation and use of the extension is completely free.
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The Settings

The admin account has full access to all settings and search options.

You will be able to monitor Firewall and MailEnable rules and provide lower levels such as Reseller or Customer accounts if they are authorized to use this extension.

You can choose which services the Firewall should monitor such as SMTP, IMAP, FTP, Databases, etc... and indicate how long to block those wrong accesses.

You will also be able to block IPs belonging to a certain country with the first incorrect access to any of the services that the extension is monitoring.